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Marrzipan vs. The All Blacks

October 30, 2018

This article is written by Marrzipan’s very own Jack Ansett. Jack has been with Marrzipan for over two years now, teaching in both Christchurch and Auckland so many of you will know him, and is currently adventuring around Europe. Don’t worry though, he’ll be back in 2019! Here he shares with us his other passion…Stand Up Comedy. (Enter Jack…)


Self-Confidence is a necessity when it comes to Stand Up Comedy. It also a necessity in every other aspect of our extraordinary lives. Not long ago, a student approached me after class, curious about joining Marrzipan.“But why should I take drama lessons when I want to be an All Black?” We both agreed drama would help synchronize his haka movements, but what about the bigger picture of Marrzipan? What about self-confidence?


Self-confidence is an essential life skill, it’s how we gain opportunities, it’s how we succeed in those opportunities. It translates into every aspect of our lives. It can easily set off a chains of events. In three years time you will applaud yourself at having the self-confidence to move to a different city. Because of that you met an astronaut in a Starbucks and are now writing this on Tatooine. That’s potentially a Star Wars planet - I’m not sure. If it’s not then I am claiming it as my own! I don’t believe in fate, I believe in determination, hard work and commitment. All of which require self-confidence in yourself and your abilities. Richie McCaw wanted to be an All Black, he became an All Black because he never lost sight of that dream. If every day you put all of your conscious being into becoming an Astronaut who writes motivational articles on Tatooine â then why can that not happen?


This is why I believe Marrzipan and our philosophy is such an important and vital thing to have in the lives of children, so they can tackle their dreams and future endeavors with confidence. Stand up comedy has been my dream for a very long time and my experiences have such relevance in what we teach.


When I was 16 years old, I stumbled across the opportunity to attempt some stand up. Did it cross my mind that I was too young to launch myself into a predominately adult conquered industry? Yes. Did I do it anyway? Yes. Did I drag my Mum around countless bars various times a week so I could legally continue this profound love? Yes.


Looking back now, at what I have achieved in stand up comedy for somebody so young, I struggle to imagine what my life, or what I’d be like as a person without it. That’s a weird feeling. But it also reassures me that I made the right decision. By taking that initial leap of self-confidence. I know how some students can feel in the lead up to performances, that scary thought of, “What if I mess up? What if I forget my lines?” That feeling is never not in the back of my mind before I perform. That feeling is purely a little something we call nerves and shows we care about what we are doing. Nerves show that all that is needed is a little self-confidence and we can break through that barrier and be amazing.




The integration of this ideology in my classes is becoming a big thing. It’s an incredible feeling to have the courage to attempt whatever you want in life. Youth is in no way a disadvantage. Encouragement and constant support in my classes plays a huge part in the lead up to our performances. It has also played a significant role in my comedy career - nobody wants to see you fail and through supportive people and self-belief we can all accomplish great things. For me, there’s nothing better than getting off stage after an awesome gig - you feel elevated, on top of the world.


I cannot wait to have that feeling replicated in all of our Marrzipan students in the next few weeks!



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