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How to look weird and wonderful on a bike…

September 11, 2018

What are your strengths and weaknesses and in what mindset to you view yourself? Davina shares a life lesson that she has needed to learn over and over again, even though it is something we teach our Marrzipan students every day!


(Enter Davina stage right…)


As a society in general, I feel we often tend to focus on the negatives and the things we can’t do, or are not very good at, rather than thinking about the things we are good at and the positives about ourselves. Sure, this needs to be balanced with a healthy sense of realism and improving on those weaker areas, but I reckon life would be happier if we celebrated the wins more!


We try really hard to do this in our Marrzipan classes – celebrating the individual in all their weird and wonderful ways. Those of you that have been with Marrzipan throughout this year will know that we have had a big focus on the word “weird” and turning the generally negative connotation to this word into a positive one instead! We hope we have made the playground a lot more pleasant to be in, by teaching our students that a great response to the common line of “You’re so weird!” is “Thank you!” and taking it as a compliment that they are unique! 


Despite the fact that we are constantly teaching our students these sorts of life lessons, they seem to be the sort of thing that we as adults need to learn over and over again. I am certainly no exception…


After several months of bed rest due to the difficult pregnancy I am experiencing (as I have shared in previous articles), I could barely walk one block without being in some pretty intense pain. Apart from my “vomit muscles”, I think the rest of me had worn away by about 5 months pregnant. The prospect of not being able to walk, and only getting heavier and heavier as the months went on, meant I was quite grumpy to be around. My poor husband, ever supportive, encouraged me to go and see a physio…possibly just so he would get a break from my moaning!


The physio I ended up seeing was so much more than just a physio…it was like she was my very own Marrzipan teacher! In our first session, she got me to set some goals, and not just physical ones. Seriously, what physio does that? I was convinced she was some sort of mythical creature, as she instantly connected with my mindset and challenged me mentally and holistically. 


This is actually the reason that I started writing these articles for Marrzipan, as it is something I had wanted to do for a long time and it felt like something positive I could start focusing on instead of feeling sorry for myself. My other goal was to have a bath at least every other day. And my final goal was to be able to walk the dog two blocks and back home, pain free. These three goals felt like my Everest! 


The other wonderful thing this physio encouraged me to do was to focus on my strengths! Ironically, despite not being able to walk much, I discovered I could still ride my bike! I felt very liberated to be able to bike the few blocks to our nearest café (on a good pregnancy day!) and sit with my laptop and a hot chocolate and catch up on some work. Much like I am doing right now as I sit and write this! 


Each week, my grumpy mood lifted (much to my husband’s relief). I religiously did my physio exercises (much like our students needing to practice their lines!) and my strength slowly returned. I am now super grateful that I put this effort in, as at 38 weeks pregnant I feel like a beached whale (to the mamas out there – you know what I mean!)


But…I can still ride my bike (though the site of me at 8.5 months pregnant riding my pretty green bike with the basket on is now a very WEIRD site), and I can walk (correction: waddle) a couple of blocks with the dog pain free. 


In fact, I was doing so well that my physio asked me to be in a pregnancy photo shoot as she launched her new physio website, and plans to put one of these photos of me up on her wall in her clinic! I was delighted to be able to show my thanks by doing this for her, and I am forever grateful to her support. 


So, just as we teach our children every day, let’s try our best to improve our weaknesses, but also focus on and celebrate our strengths. And if you need a little bit of help and encouragement along the way, that is ok too!


What are some areas about yourself that you love at the moment? And what are some strengths your child naturally has that you could help them celebrate more?





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