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Happy Birthday Marrzipan!

August 6, 2018

As Marrzipan reaches its 8th Birthday, Davina reflects on how quickly (or slowly!) time can move…


Is it just me or does every day of pregnancy seem to drag tortuously slowly, when the rest of time seems to move on faster than ever?! How are we over half way through the year and at the start of term 3 already?


As the birth of my baby approaches (50 days and counting), I have been reflecting on the birth of my other baby and one of the most important things in my life – Marrzipan. 


August 2018 marks Marrzipan’s 8th Birthday and I don’t know where that time has gone. Is this what it is like being a parent? One minute they are entering the world screaming, and the next you are waving them off on their first day of school.


Marrzipan was actually “born” in Brisbane, Australia in August 2010. I was at university studying a dual degree for a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Drama. Everyone thought business and drama were an odd combination at the time, but it all makes perfect sense now! I started teaching at a school in the suburbs of Brisbane, and the class quickly grew from 6 students to around 50 students! 


Then I fell in love with a boy who lived in Auckland (not part of the plan!) and so moved there and set up Marrzipan “across the ditch”. Our oldest Marrzipan schools are Stella Maris in Silverdale, St Marys in Northcote and Takapuna Primary – old faithfuls that have stayed with us throughout the last 8 years! 


After a couple of years that relationship ended (probably because he was a POM like me, so neither of us were laid back enough) and in 2012 I met my now-husband (a Kiwi and super chilled!) who lived in Wellington. So, naturally, I then moved to Wellington. Some may think there was “business strategy” behind Marrzipan’s expansion, but no, it was just my love-life dictating where Marrzipan went next!


By 2014, I realised that this man was “the one” and if Marrzipan was to continue spreading its magic around NZ, it could no longer rely on just me! So we hired some amazing new team members in Dunedin and Hamilton and Marrzipan spread like wildfire there too. 


Why did we choose Dunedin and Hamilton? Quite honestly, we recruited NZ-wide for the right person. They just happened to be in those two cities. As Marrzipan-parents know, we Marrzipan teachers are a unique and random bunch and for us, it is all about finding the right people that have team fit (i.e. funny, a bit random, passionate about developing children, confident, and of course obsessive coffee drinkers). 


After over a year of searching for the right humans in Christchurch and Tauranga, we finally found Jack and Sarieta in 2016. We weren’t sure about Jack at first as he didn’t drink coffee, but then he started drinking mochas so we thought we would give him a chance. 


Fast forward to 2018, and we have eight wonderful team members across NZ, over 100 Marrzipan-schools, and around 1000 students every term. Time has simply flown by and I am amazed at what we have achieved in just eight years. 


Of course, it has not been without its growing pains. I cringe when I look back on some of the things we used to do in the early years of Marrzipan, but also with pride at how we are constantly striving to be better each and every term, and how far we have come. We couldn’t have done it without our supportive schools and parent community. 


Do you know someone that is odd-ball enough to join our team?? As Marrzipan parents, you know us better than anyone…


We are currently recruiting for awesome, coffee-drinking humans in Wellington, Christchurch and Tauranga to keep up with demand from schools in those areas. 


If you know anyone that fits the bill and has what it takes to join our wacky team, ask them to mention you when they apply. If they successfully make it on to our team, we will thank you with a WHOLE YEAR of FREE MARRZIPAN!  


If you know somehow who has the x-factor and is ready for their dream job, get them to contact us via our website. 


Here’s to another wonderful eight years!





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