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April 10, 2017

Marrzipan Dunedin is back and in action for 2017! Term 1 has been an explosion of confidence, creativity, and passion! It has been amazing to see how much the Dunedin students have grown in their self-confidence in the past eight weeks and I cannot wait to see what Term 2 is going to bring!

Coming into the final weeks of Term 1 we have been focusing on our performances for our play "Cows In The City". There has been an abundance of highlights within the performances such as the involvement of parents, the creativity of students, fantastic costumes and the development of student confidence.

I would like to make a huge shout out to our parents in Marrzipan Dunedin, who got stuck into our activity of "Compliment Ping Pong" during the "Parent Performance". "Compliment Ping Pong" aims to bring confidence to all who were involved by stating a compliment to the person next to you within a circle. Parents were mixed in with the students and an overflow of amazing compliments was bouncing back and forth between students and parents. One of the most precious compliments that I witnessed was when a father said to their daughter along on the lines of “you are the most precious girl in my life” and the daughter went completely speechless and hugged her father. I was trying to contain the amazing joy that was stirred in my heart. As shown through “Compliment Ping Pong” confidence does not only reside within our students but also spreads out to our parents and our communities!


In addition to our great Marrzipan parents, the costumes that have been developed at home for the performances have been fantastic! We have had a mixture of amazing “cow onesies" that have been used to illustrate the crazy and passionate cows we have on stage. We also had a storyteller that has come in with a miniature wedding dress to show off their originality. It has been amazing to see the work that has been put in behind the scenes of Marrzipan.


The costumes that have been made for the performances have come from brilliant creativity. The students have really exemplified creativity in all different ways this term. In one parent performance, we had two storytellers who completely made their own lines, worked as a team and pulled off amazing expressions for their characters. We had students who created totally new characters for the plays and made it their own by making new character voices and lines. Creativity was blooming out everywhere and it was exciting to see! 


Overall, the performances have been an example of how much the students have grown in their confidence. It has been amazing to see students being in an environment where they can be themselves and be able to express their voice to others around them. 


Students have mentioned:


“Heart pumping! Monday became fun because I got to go to Marrzipan!


“I think Marrzipan drama is awesome!!  I want to do it again!”


“It's awesome because she gets to meet other children in the school and have fun.”


It has been a privilege to be a part of Marrzipan Dunedin and I cannot wait to see what Term 2 will bring! 


This is your friendly neighbourhood “Garrett the Carrot” signing out! 



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