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January 21, 2016

The focus of Marrzipan Drama in Term 1 is “BRAVERY”. This is the founding for becoming a confident performer or public speaker…and helps you out in all other areas of life too!


I am sure you can think of someone you know who is terrified at the thought of public speaking, or who lacks self-confidence and belief in themselves. Our aim this term is to ensure that none of our students ever doubt themselves! We want our students to develop into happy, confident children and thus well-rounded and confident adults!


Every student will have a different goal. For some, simply getting up on stage may be a massive achievement, for others, learning lots of lines will be a great success. Whatever it is, Marrzipan Drama teachers notice what is a “big deal” for students, and help them to achieve their goals.

How can you help as parents? There is no one, easy answer for this. It is a combination of lots of smaller things. Here are some ideas to help:

Your own attitude. Children are very receptive to others, and pick up on moods or personalities quickly. Be the confident, animated, happy person you would like them to be, and they will pick up on your energy!

Positivity. I have sometimes experienced the situation where a parent chats to me after class, and laments about all the things their child can’t do… “He is so shy, he can’t speak in front of people, he won’t listen, he gets scared.” Often when the parent is talking like this, the child is stood right next to them, absorbing all of this negativity, and reinforcing the idea that he is incapable of being any different. Positive reinforcement will make the world of difference. Constantly tell your child that they “can do” anything they put their mind to. If they think they can’t do something, tell them they can and encourage them to do it – then PRAISE them when they succeed!!

Affirmations. I know self-help books love this one, and it can sound a bit ‘wacky’, but wow, this works! When your child does something particularly awesome for them (perhaps going along to a new drama class for the first time), have them repeat a sentence out loud after you, e.g. “I feel confident to try new things.” Then watch the big smile that appears on their face afterwards!


These few tricks, implemented into your daily life, will help your child to develop a deep belief in themselves. This will build upon the positivity they are receiving in class from their Marrzipan Drama teacher.


The goal by the end of term, as always, is for you as parents to actually notice a difference in your child. We want your child to have developed a belief in themselves that they “can do” whatever they put their mind to – including performing at the end of term!


I look forward to hearing some wonderful feedback from parents at the end of term, who are amazed at the deep confidence and strong self-belief of their child.

Have a great term! Davina.

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