Online Classes

Due to COVID-19 and lockdown, Marrzipan are now offering our awesome program ONLINE! 

Students will rehearse their own play, design the set, create costumes aaaaaand star in their own film! Online classes are a great way to build your child's confidence during these uncertain times, as well as a cool environment to meet new friends and stay social. 
















We run a 5 day and a 5 week workshop! Click the link below to see what's available. 

Activities will also be set outside of class time, to give your child something productive to focus on. 


Each class is limited to 8 students and parents will receive a digital copy of the film. 


In Class: Read script and audition

Out of class: Learn your lines!


In Class: Develop your character

Out of class: Make a prop for your character to use


In Class: Improve facial expressions and body language

Out of class: Find a costume to wear


In Class: Dress Rehearsal


Out of class: Create a backdrop for your scene


In Class: Record film

Out of class: Show film to friends and family

Online classes are $99 (for 5 x one hour classes), with a 10% discount for 2+ children from the same family.