June 20, 2018

We have some exciting news at Marrzipan! Our Marrzipan Founder, Davina, has taken this term’s theme of “human” to the extreme and is growing a human herself! Pretty cool, huh. Due in September, we are all looking forward to meeting our newest Marrzi-Baby team member. T...

August 18, 2017

When I was 8 years old I was described by my teacher as “loud and bossy”.

This label could have been incredibly damaging – there is such negativity associated with the word bossy. It brings to mind officious, petulant, power-hungry people. Miniature Donald Trumps, if yo...

April 10, 2017

Marrzipan Dunedin is back and in action for 2017! Term 1 has been an explosion of confidence, creativity, and passion! It has been amazing to see how much the Dunedin students have grown in their self-confidence in the past eight weeks and I cannot wait to see what Ter...

February 16, 2017

Project Aitutaki, Feb 26th – Mar 5th 2017.

After all of the build up, things put in place, set backs then full acceleration, it was really happening. We were off! Project Aitutaki, our voluntary mission in the Cook Islands. A whole week of Confidence Building and Leader...

February 23, 2016

What makes a “good” teacher? Is it respect? Authority? Leadership? Management? Discipline? Routine? Knowledge and intelligence or creativity and lateral thinking?

Probably all of the above. Possibly none. Does it matter?

What about a teacher’s ability to relate and conne...

February 10, 2016

Life is a bit weird. Let’s be real about this. Yet, the coolest thing is when other humans accept the weirdness of life, routine and people and just embrace it. Like, for reals. 

One of the weirdest and quite remarkable things that our lives seem to be consumed by right...

January 21, 2016

The focus of Marrzipan Drama in Term 1 is “BRAVERY”. This is the founding for becoming a confident performer or public speaker…and helps you out in all other areas of life too!

I am sure you can think of someone you know who is terrified at the thought of public sp...

January 21, 2016

Anna Kendrick, Taylor Swift and Zac Efron? All names you might have heard of... Right? What if I told you that they were really shy at school and lacked sef-esteem? You'd probably say 'yeah, na.' 

SURPRISE! It's true! Many of your favourite celbrities started off j...

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I was described as loud and bossy

August 18, 2017

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